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Christchurch, Canterbury,

John Marshall and Company was established over 70 years ago and is a wholly owned and operated New Zealand company with a proud reputation for delivering to specification on time anywhere around the world. John Marshall and Company desire to assist in positioning New Zealand wool as one of the world's primary processing fibres. It is our belief that in today's world, wool has a vital role to play in meeting emerging environmental demands.


Joma Wool® Select


The Joma Wool® Select story begins amidst the rugged splendor of New Zealand’s high country. Here on the vast Ngamatea Station 45,000 sheep roam, grazing natural pastures and growing thick woolly coats to keep out the alpine cold.

Ngamatea Station is a fourth-generation family owned farm, run by three siblings who can trace their lineage back to the original Māori inhabitants of the area. Today, they follow the same ethos of their fore bearers, placing paramount importance on care for the environment and their animals.

The people of Ngamatea Station and Joma Wool® both share a strong belief in wool and the fiber’s future. Together they are committed to producing the finest standard of fiber – a comfortable and healthy wool that is traceable, sustainable, ethical and humane.

All Joma Wool® Select is sourced directly from Ngamatea Station.