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Christchurch, Canterbury,

John Marshall and Company was established over 70 years ago and is a wholly owned and operated New Zealand company with a proud reputation for delivering to specification on time anywhere around the world. John Marshall and Company desire to assist in positioning New Zealand wool as one of the world's primary processing fibres. It is our belief that in today's world, wool has a vital role to play in meeting emerging environmental demands.




Joma Wool® is available in a range of product varieties, each specially created to suit a different purpose.

Please contact us directly for your nearest supplier or to enquire about pricing.

  • Joma Wool®

  • Joma Loose Wool

  • Joma Wool Batting

  • Joma Wool/Silk Batting

  • Joma Wool/Cashmere Batting

Batting is available in widths from 2.0 metres to 2.4 metres. 

Joma Wool® is processed in New Zealand by our subsidiary company, Wool Technologies. Wool Technologies also offers a variety of other wool products not carried under the Joma Wool brand, including washable wools. For more information about these other products, please send us an enquir