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Christchurch, Canterbury,

John Marshall and Company was established over 70 years ago and is a wholly owned and operated New Zealand company with a proud reputation for delivering to specification on time anywhere around the world. John Marshall and Company desire to assist in positioning New Zealand wool as one of the world's primary processing fibres. It is our belief that in today's world, wool has a vital role to play in meeting emerging environmental demands.

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Joma Merino Pure Sliver Knit


Joma and Glenoit pooled their know how and technologies brand created a breakthrough in sleep comfort.
Engineered performance of the Joma crimped wool in a Glenoit pile fabric, created the Three Dimensional Sleeping Surface.

Joma enhanced the natural resilience of wool by applying additional crimp. Each individual hair functions like a miniature
spring, holding the body weight gently, while the spring ‘action’ actively circulates the air around the fiber.
The vertical alignment of the fibers and the crimp create an active air cushion under the body. The gentle air circulation is
fueled by the slightest movement or change in temperatures. The air cushion allows the wool to work its magic effectively:
higher wool and air volume enhance the benefits of temperature and water vapor diffusion, keeping the body within its natural
comfort zone. 
• Comfort        • Active Air Cushion        • Active Temperature Control        • Active Moisture Control        • Pressure Point Control

Glenoit engineered the back using a Protex/cotton blend yarn and acrylic latex.
Protex is an inherently flame retardant (FR) modacrylic, a nonallergenic, mildew resistant material. 
The Protex fiber is extremely difficult to ignite and will self extinguish. Beyond certain temperature ranges, Protex fibers will ‘bind’ oxygen and thereby increase the natural FR properties of the wool pile. The cotton component provides additional structure to the backing, and in combination with the acrylic latex coating works as an air permeable buffer agent in the moisture management of the material. The fabric provides a chemical free barrier function. The yarn in combination with the coating provide a stable yet flexible backing allowing for engineering choices in the mattress construction. 
• Safety 
• Chemical Free FR Barrier Function 
• Moisture buffer 
• Mattress construction options

The Joma Glenoit Three Dimensional Sleeping Surface provides a critical performance enhancement for modern mattresses. The 
smooth surface of the fabric blends in seamlessly, the texture is inviting and creates a natural environment for the body. 
The three dimensional structure super charges the performance of the high quality performance wool, and unlike chemical or 
phase chase solutions the performance is not subject to load or time restrictions. 
The fabric is a synergy of nature and science providing enduring performance, all night long! 
• Performance 
• Natural Solution 
• No Load or Time Limit 
• Innovative New Solution!